Frostburg’s 200th Birthday

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Frostburg’s 200th Birthday

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Happy Birthday Frostburg! We were so excited to have the opportunity to transport the band members of the Garrett Highlands band and be part of the celebration for the birthday of Frostburg. On 8th of september Frostburg celebrated its 200th year by having a parade on main st. Main St. was full of people who were seating on lawn chairs on on the sidewalks and enjoying the show. The Garrett Highlands band was great they were playing bag pipes and drums while walking down Main St. and they sounded great.

The parade included some really cool people like Lt. Governor Brown , Dr. Gibralter, Frostburg Firefighters, Veterans, some really cool bands and Ms. Frostburg.

The best part is that our chauffeurs were confused on how to get past the parade and to Bowery st to meet the band members and pick them up. While attempting to find a rod that wasn’t blocked off, they ended up in front of the parade and pretty much were the first ones to go all the way down main st. The chauffeurs took this opportunity to wave at all the people, it was really funny and they had a great time.

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